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Hey there,


i've been recently to hamburg and talked to some guys who are working on a project called "Freifunk" [1] [2] in hamburg.


They have around 400 Nodes, serving around 600 Clients at the moment, running and providing censorship free internet without any kind of limitation. 

The free access to the internet is not the main goal, but a feature. The "main goals of freifunk are to build a network that is decentralized, owned by those who run it and to support local communications".

They are always looking for reliable vpn server to keep the community project running and the risk of being sued low.


The community is running under the "Pico Peering Agreement v1.0" [3].


Maybe it´s something you want to support. [4]



[1] freifunk.hamburg.net

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freifunk

[3] http://www.ohrensessel.net/ffhh/total

[3] http://www.picopeer.net/PPA-en.html

[4] https://hamburg.freifunk.net/kontakt

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Here are some technical background informations.


The gateways would push at constant load about,


2 Mbit/s: ~633 GB

6 Mbit/s: ~1.9 TB

10 Mbit/s: ~3.2 TB

25 Mbit/s: ~8 TB


Min. server requirements:

CPU: 1x (64Bit)


HDD: 5-8GB

NIC: 1x


Debian Wheezy (7) 64Bit Kernel




The gateways are sponsored by the community and serve, in connection with the vpn, as exit node of the network, they are used also to connect different city´s and hackerspaces (e.g. ChaosVPN [1]).


For more informations, just ask and i´ll provide as much as possible




[1] http://wiki.hamburg.ccc.de/index.php/ChaosVPN

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