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Connecting via WiFi hotspot (windows RT)

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Hi all, I've been using AirVPN for some time now and I'm pretty pleased with its speed and functionality.

I'm trying to get the program to work on my SurfaceRt, but no luck so far. I thought as a work around I could transform my windows8 laptop (connected to the internet using airvpn) to a WiFi hotspot, connecting my surface and voila! However, if I'm checking my IP address on my surface using the wifihotspot, it still shows the ip issued by my isp.

Is there something i'm doing wrong? If this is not supposed to work this way, any suggestions on using airvpn on my surface rt?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi LukeLucky


The SurfaceRT is a beautifully engineered and spectacularly useless piece of kit. You can't install software on it, and it's too thin to use as a doorstop. If you have a Win8 laptop, I'm surprised you're even bothering with this.


I have an old wireless router configured as a wireless access point, connected to a Win7 Server machine with the Routing & Remote Access Service installed, routing between the NIC and the OpenVPN Virtual TAP adaptor. Using this, my SurfaceRT connects just fine over AirVPN. You will need to disable geolocation services on your SurfaceRT to protect your privacy.


I know this doesn't really answer your question, but it might give you some ideas, just in case no-one else comes up with a better solution.

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