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Under investigation

Only our staff can open a topic here. Submit your report in the forum. Popular requests are prioritized. Websites description and logo are taken from public metakeyword in their homepage. Tags legend:

  • subscription_required : The website requires a payment. Without that, we can't implement routing. May be a problem if the payment is done from a country not expected by the service.
  • subscription_trial : Similar to "subscription_required", but there is a trial access. May be studied, but uselessly if the country is checked during the payment at the end of trial period.
  • unknown_sample : Upon a quick check, the website works. If there is a geolocation restriction, we need a sample, specific and direct url to a content that shows the restriction message.
  • no_route_country : We don't have a routing server accepted by the website.
Without any tag, the website is simply under investigation.
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