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Country: Czech Republic
335 / 1000 Mbit/s
Sessions online56
Ciphers Data:AES-256-GCM AES-256-CBC AES-256-CFB AES-256-CFB1 AES-256-CFB8 AES-256-OFB AES-128-GCM AES-128-CBC AES-128-CFB AES-128-CFB1 AES-128-CFB8 AES-128-OFB CAMELLIA-256-CBC SEED-CBC
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Status log

Latest issue
...9m 3sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 39.6%, Max: 51%
...14m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 30%, Average: 58.5%, Max: 88%
...2h 19m 20s*Maintenance
...28m 11sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 30.3%, Max: 40%
...33m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 71.5%, Max: 100%
...55m 26sPacket Loss, Last: 30%, Average: 30%, Max: 30%
...7m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 31.57%, Max: 36%
...55m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 35.55%, Max: 39%
...7m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 27.14%, Max: 30%
...8m 37sPacket Loss, Last: 25%, Average: 32.63%, Max: 39%
...7m 27sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 23.29%, Max: 26%
...48m 24sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 32%, Max: 39%
...2h 3m 39sPacket Loss, Last: 31%, Average: 95.6%, Max: 100%
...3h 8m 47s*Upgrade
...39m 37sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 79.95%, Max: 100%
...1h 8m 53sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 44.55%, Max: 74%
...2h 45m 30sPacket Loss, Last: 28%, Average: 78.71%, Max: 99%
...4m 16sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 21%, Max: 22%
...5m 21sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 26.4%, Max: 28%
...8m 41sPacket Loss, Last: 25%, Average: 37.38%, Max: 46%
...1h 20m 11sPacket Loss, Last: 26%, Average: 91.84%, Max: 100%
...18m 27sPacket Loss, Last: 25%, Average: 33.82%, Max: 41%
...16m 11sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 35%, Max: 44%

Latency from locations

Ping result from different locations to this server
Prague0 ms
Vienna4 ms
Berlin10 ms
Frankfurt12 ms
Jona14 ms
France - Roubaix14 ms
Ile-de-France14 ms
Germany15 ms
Munich16 ms
Bucharest17 ms
France - Gravelines17 ms
Amsterdam20 ms
Haarlem23 ms
Zurich23 ms
Riga24 ms
Noord-Holland28 ms
Maidenhead31 ms
Belgrade31 ms
Alblasserdam32 ms
London32 ms
Manchester36 ms
Ireland39 ms
Uppsala41 ms
Brussels41 ms
Stockholm43 ms
Oslo43 ms
Sofia45 ms
Bern45 ms
Barcelona48 ms
Madrid48 ms
Tallinn53 ms
Arezzo55 ms
Kiev61 ms
Virginia62 ms
Siauliai77 ms
Pennsylvania99 ms
New York City, New York106 ms
Toronto, Ontario106 ms
Montreal108 ms
Chicago, Illinois116 ms
Atlanta, Georgia118 ms
Miami122 ms
Dallas, Texas129 ms
Jacksonville, Florida136 ms
Vancouver150 ms
Fremont, California153 ms
Los Angeles166 ms
Phoenix, Arizona166 ms
Singapore172 ms
Sao Paulo212 ms
Sydney262 ms
Tokyo275 ms
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