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Country: United Kingdom
99 / 1000 Mbit/s
Sessions online66
Ciphers Data:AES-256-GCM AES-256-CBC AES-256-CFB AES-256-CFB1 AES-256-CFB8 AES-256-OFB AES-128-GCM AES-128-CBC AES-128-CFB AES-128-CFB1 AES-128-CFB8 AES-128-OFB CAMELLIA-256-CBC SEED-CBC
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Status log

Latest issue
...1h 1m 2sPacket Loss, Last: 26%, Average: 89.02%, Max: 100%
...1m 0sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 20%, Max: 20%
...9m 0sPacket Loss, Last: 26%, Average: 36.22%, Max: 44%
...20m 21sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 31.35%, Max: 38%
...1h 2m 3sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 43.74%, Max: 50%
...6m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 23.67%, Max: 26%
...27m 30sPacket Loss, Last: 26%, Average: 71.81%, Max: 93%
...6m 26sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 24.5%, Max: 26%
...5m 21sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 21.8%, Max: 23%
...1h 53m 18s*Maintenance
...4m 20sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 24.5%, Max: 26%
...9m 41sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 25.56%, Max: 27%
...13m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 30.08%, Max: 37%
...3h 38m 3sPacket Loss, Last: 26%, Average: 97.31%, Max: 100%
...6d 22h 27m*Maintenance
...12m 56sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 41.08%, Max: 54%
...17m 16sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 52.69%, Max: 84%
...5m 21sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 24.2%, Max: 27%
...19h 47m 16sServer down
...15m 11sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 58.14%, Max: 91%
...2h 46m 50sPacket Loss, Last: 29%, Average: 84.27%, Max: 100%
...9m 45sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 25.89%, Max: 29%
...22m 46sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 28.14%, Max: 30%
...4m 20sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 22%, Max: 23%
...29m 16sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 26.44%, Max: 29%
...12m 12sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 50.75%, Max: 74%
...7m 8sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 28.57%, Max: 31%
...8m 8sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 30.25%, Max: 35%
...5m 5sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 26.6%, Max: 29%
...1m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 20%, Max: 20%

Latency from locations

Ping result from different locations to this server
Maidenhead0 ms
France - Gravelines8 ms
Ile-de-France9 ms
France - Roubaix9 ms
Noord-Holland11 ms
Amsterdam11 ms
Haarlem11 ms
Alblasserdam12 ms
Ireland17 ms
Germany17 ms
Frankfurt19 ms
Paris24 ms
Munich26 ms
Madrid29 ms
Barcelona29 ms
Jona31 ms
Vienna31 ms
Arezzo33 ms
Uppsala35 ms
Bern35 ms
Stockholm36 ms
Oslo37 ms
Riga44 ms
Siauliai45 ms
Virginia48 ms
Kiev56 ms
New York City, New York75 ms
Pennsylvania79 ms
Quebec80 ms
Montreal81 ms
London82 ms
Prague88 ms
Toronto, Ontario88 ms
Chicago, Illinois90 ms
Atlanta, Georgia94 ms
Jacksonville, Florida98 ms
Dallas, Texas114 ms
Bucharest119 ms
Miami123 ms
Los Angeles130 ms
Manchester138 ms
Vancouver138 ms
Phoenix, Arizona140 ms
Zurich140 ms
Fremont, California142 ms
Brussels149 ms
Belgrade176 ms
Sofia181 ms
Hong Kong192 ms
Sao Paulo196 ms
Singapore216 ms
Tokyo225 ms
Sydney260 ms
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