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Server details
Country Canada
LocationToronto, Ontario
364 / 1000 Mbit/s
Users online54
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Status log
Latest issue.
1d 11h 27m ago6m 31sPacket Loss, Last: 25%, Average: 24.5%, Max: 26%
1w 6d 1h ago6m 26sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 25.17%, Max: 27%
6w 5d 8h ago6m 26sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 23%, Max: 25%
11w 0d 21h ago8m 41sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 30.38%, Max: 33%
12w 6d 5h ago9m 41sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 36.11%, Max: 44%
16w 1d 3h ago9m 46sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 22.78%, Max: 24%
18w 1d 15h ago16m 16sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 34.93%, Max: 48%
21w 3d 8h ago6m 30sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 27.17%, Max: 29%
25w 6d 5h ago7m 31sPacket Loss, Last: 27%, Average: 31.71%, Max: 34%
28w 3d 9h ago12m 12sPacket Loss, Last: 25%, Average: 34%, Max: 47%
37w 6d 5h ago21m 21sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 22.76%, Max: 24%
41w 1d 21h ago7m 7sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 30.29%, Max: 34%
46w 4d 14h ago7m 7sPacket Loss, Last: 25%, Average: 31.29%, Max: 34%
51w 6d 21h ago30m 30sPacket Loss, Last: 23%, Average: 23.8%, Max: 28%
51w 6d 21h ago1m 1sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 21%, Max: 21%
52w 0d 0h ago2m 2sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 21%, Max: 21%
52w 0d 3h ago7m 7sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 22%, Max: 24%
52w 0d 3h ago6m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 21.67%, Max: 22%
56w 1d 21h ago7m 7sPacket Loss, Last: 27%, Average: 29.57%, Max: 32%
56w 4d 4h ago6m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 32%, Average: 33.67%, Max: 36%
57w 1d 10h ago7m 7sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 30.14%, Max: 33%
57w 2d 3h ago8m 8sPacket Loss, Last: 25%, Average: 37.88%, Max: 44%
57w 2d 13h ago8m 8sPacket Loss, Last: 24%, Average: 30.25%, Max: 36%
58w 3d 23h ago7m 7sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 27.29%, Max: 30%
59w 5d 13h ago17m 17sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 61.18%, Max: 94%
60w 1d 5h ago8m 8sPacket Loss, Last: 20%, Average: 27.38%, Max: 31%
60w 3d 21h ago6m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 26%, Average: 25.5%, Max: 27%
60w 3d 22h ago6m 6sPacket Loss, Last: 22%, Average: 23.5%, Max: 25%
60w 4d 0h ago18m 18sPacket Loss, Last: 21%, Average: 69%, Max: 98%
Latency from locations
Ping result from different locations to this server.
Toronto, Ontario0 ms
Chicago, Illinois13 ms
Newark, New Jersey19 ms
Atlanta, Georgia25 ms
Quebec25 ms
Jacksonville, Florida30 ms
Pennsylvania34 ms
Dallas, Texas38 ms
Miami42 ms
Virginia59 ms
Fremont, California65 ms
Vancouver69 ms
Los Angeles71 ms
London86 ms
Haarlem89 ms
Manchester90 ms
Ireland91 ms
Amsterdam91 ms
Germany92 ms
Brussels92 ms
Alblasserdam93 ms
Ile-de-France93 ms
Riga96 ms
Maidenhead98 ms
Frankfurt99 ms
Noord-Holland102 ms
Munich103 ms
Bern103 ms
Paris107 ms
France - Gravelines107 ms
France - Roubaix107 ms
Madrid108 ms
Vienna108 ms
Zurich108 ms
Barcelona109 ms
Valencia113 ms
Prague115 ms
Arezzo118 ms
Stockholm121 ms
Sofia121 ms
Uppsala122 ms
Siauliai122 ms
Kiev130 ms
130 ms
Bucharest131 ms
Hong Kong204 ms
?223 ms
Singapore226 ms
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