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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings! I have been combing the forums in an effort to get ready for my 3-day trial. Learned lots about Eddie configuration (Win10 user with Comodo's CIS10 by the way) and look forward to the newer features of the next stable release being updated into the various posts talking about 2.10. These are some lingering questions that I have, and hopefully the community is willing to help clarify some of them for me: I am currently looking for a new VPN service provider and would like to see if AirVPN is right for me. So that I can guage the trial appropriately, can provide me with some feedback or point me to relevant AirVPN forum posts to these (hopefully) quick questions: I understand the trial account has a bandwidth/speed limit. Can you tell me what it is throttled too so that I can I know if the speeds I see are indeed my trial maximum, or if I need to tweak my Eddie settings?I use Comodo Firewall (latest CIS10 version on Win10) and I see many older posts talking about setting up CIS to basically be the "kill switch" (I'm guessing instead of Eddie's "Network Lock" feature). I'm wondering if this is still the suggested path, or if the development path leading up to today's available 2.11.13 build and additional features like "Windows Filtering Platform support. Including new method for IPv6 block, DNS lock, network lock" make this an unrequired step? Ensuring "Kill Switch" functionality is working and available is an important criterion to test in my trial. Knowing if there is a more definitive/current post this topic would be greatly appreciated.Somewhat related, are you aware of this post on Wilders, and do you know if there have been any (or are any) answers to the OP's claims? It's quite an old post, so I'm sure a lot has changed over time... could have even predated "Network Lock".I did a quick test (without touching CIS10) and clicking the "Activate Network Lock" button (without being logged in or on a VPN connection) did seem to stop my browser from loading a webpage, but browser succeeded after I closed Eddie without deactivating NL first. Is it expected that Network Lock only functions when Eddie is running, and is lost if Eddie is closed or crashes?In my online research, I've found a script (batch file) that can kill the gateway in the routing (of my NIC I think)... I think it requires me to switch to Static from DHCP so the NIC doesn't self repair. Would an external script like this be useful in case Eddie crashed? Actually Eddie has an advanced option to "Remove the gateway route", is that the same thing? If Eddie crashed, would the route recover? If not, that sounds good, but how would one recover from that?I think Port Forwarding is an interesting offering, but I recall reading online about this having a vulnerability that can expose one's real IP. I think news broke out on this a year ago, but as my current VPN provider did not offer this service, it never impacted me, and I really didn't follow it. I would appreciate hearing if you know if this vulnerability is still real today and more specifically if the threat is nonexistence for AirVPN today.I've always pointed my torrent client (Deluge) to places like Netherlands, so it's a bit scary to me to only see posts in the forums about "just don't P2P in the US". Canada is watching now too, maybe just for uploaders... and I'm sure other country are or will be following. I've set my upload slots and upload bandwidth to 0 in Deluge hoping that helps me and my VPN provider... any thoughts/tips to share on this?I also just learned that Deluge can accept an IP for the interface that I want to bind it to, but it's a manual setting and doesn't update (no plugin for windows to do it). I think I know the answer to my question, but is there a way to setup TAP or my PVN connection to always have the same IP for me? I think not as DHCP is likely in use over the VPN, but I thought I'd ask. It would make Deluge easier to manage for binding; an alternative to "kill switch"/NL (at least for one app/protocol).Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and/or respond to my post!
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