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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Can anyone help. I've noticed that Eddie ignores the blacklist/whitelist setting. I live in Belgium, and even though I've blacklisted the Netherlands and whitelisted Belgium, it constantly connects to a server in the Netherlands. Can anyone help? Refer to attached screenshot. Thanks., Paul
  2. I'm using the latest client on Win 7 for quite some time now, but never had a need to blacklist some country, so I'm not sure did this work before. Anyway, whenever I blacklist Netherlands as a country, it stays blacklisted until I turn off the PC. As soon as I turn it on, start Eddie, it connects to Netherlands, even that I blacklisted it in the previous session. I check the countries tab and indeed, it's not blacklisted anymore. Shouldn't the client have some log file to save the desired settings for blacklist/whitelist? How to solve this issue? I want Netherlands to stay blacklisted.
  3. I'm not a tech savvy guy, but I've noticed that the vast majority of the Canada servers are blacklisted. Those are the ones that I'm automatically connected to normally. This is according to https://whoer.net I'm hoping that this gets fixed because it's very time consuming to always have to shop around for a server that is not blacklisted.
  4. I've been connected to US server Alnair and gettting good upload / download speeds, but when I check my ip against blacklist I get the following: Checking against 98 known blacklists... Listed 2 times with 0 timeouts Blacklist Reason TTL ResponseTime LISTED BARRACUDA was listed Detail 250 94 Ignore LISTED SPAMCANNIBAL was listed Detail 43200 94 Ignore I've notice some websites / services are blocked (eg. snapchat....) I will try some different US servers and see If I can find one that isn't blocked. I've tried the Canada servers but I get low ping rates causing low download / upload speeds. Thanks,
  5. AIRVPN Openvpn server in canada, (BC) is blacklisted. Here is the server info: IP: BlackList: zen.spamhaus.org IP IS BLACKLISTED dnsbl.sorbs.net IP IS NOT Blacklisted bl.spamcop.net IP IS NOT Blacklisted Latitude: 49.22651 Longitude: -122.84460 Language: EN-US,EN ISP: "ESECUREDATA.COM" GEO Location Country: CANADA Region: BRITISH COLUMBIA City: COQUITLAM Not sure exactly which server because I use the region in the config generator
  6. For nearly the past week I have not been able to connect or download anything from public trackers (openbittorrent, istole.it, publicbt, rarbg, demonii, etc) which is one of the biggest reasons why I even subscribe to AirVPN. Torrents that show hundreds of seeds on sites like KickAss, ThePirateBay, and others just sit at 0 seeds on my client now - unable to connect (as others continue to leave comments on those torrents about how "perfect" they are), while torrents that I obtain from several other private trackers immediately connect to seeds and download normally. Prior to a week ago, this problem never existed, and nothing has changed about my setup - as I've been a subscriber of AirVPN for going on two years now without this problem. After troubleshooting the issue on Google, I'm wondering: Has AirVPN recently been blacklisted by the public trackers? I also recently noticed now that several sites that I used to visit with no issue are now saying that I am connecting to them through Tor when I'm running AirVPN, and a few sites now give me an error message saying "site down - try again later", but when I disconnect from AirVPN there is no problem with the site (this never happened before this week either). Has AirVPN recently made any changes that may possibly be preventing me from being able to connect to public trackers and other sites that I previously had no problems connecting to? Is AirVPN now being blacklisted also by certain secure sites (as well as public trackers)? It would seem that I can't be the only one experiencing this issue.
  7. http://tbg.iblocklist.com/ "Primary Threats" Leaseweb/anti-p2p activity: Other AirVPN exit nodes appear to be blacklisted as well. I would prefer not to contact TBG directly for anonymity reasons. Can AirVPN staff get in touch with TBG to resolve this?
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