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Found 3 results

  1. Hello AirFriends! Looks like a great community here! AirbVPN is my favourite after a 1 month research! So yeah.. I'm a newbie and I was wondering what the community has to say about best operating systems for Eddy? Which OS is simpler to configure? Make changes as easy as possible? Get a newbie familiar with what AirVPN has to offer, fast? I don't mind using any Mac OS, Win OS, or Linux OS. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello,As we know no VPNs even the safest VPNs like AirVPN or ProtonVPN? are really safe, in fact there is always the problem that none of us users really know if they keeps logs.My solution would be to host running a VPN on a rented VPS server in order to personally manage it.To do so I do not want to limit at something pre-compiled, such as "digital ocean", infact my plan is to run it in Softether host inside a VPS.The scheme should be so: Within a Windows Server VPS placed in some data center run VMware emulating another operating system, within this guest run Softether host app.Then connect via VPN tunnel from Softether host app to my real domestic PC. I just wonder if the VPS server owner or the VPS internet operator itself could actually trace the source back to my real PC even though ill establish a VPN tunnelling from softether to my actual pc. PS: The idea of ​​running everything inside a VM instead of into just the VPS itself is to make the Softether logs inaccessible to a potential attacker protecting them in a shell, plus mask the imei and the operation system.I look forward to understand if they (NSA or potential attackers) would have some way to track back the encrypted VPN connection from Softether to my current PC
  3. Hi all new here and newish to VPN's (used Hide my Ass many moons ago, mistake I know lol) Anyways just looking for some help/advice on the best way to use Airvpn. I'm currently running the AirVPN client with network lock enabled (on 1 laptop 1 pc using SSH on port 22) and was considering using OpenVPN client instead. I have a few questions i would like answered before hand however such as. how easy it is to set up? pro and cons? will I need to download comodo and implement the firewall blocks that are mentioned in the how to? also regarding the use of SSH is there any advantages to it over using UDP or TCP security wise? As my ISP does no traffic management or shaping to these. what do you think is the best or most secure way thanks in advance for any help or insight you may have
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