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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, As you might have noticed, there is a list circulating on the privacy related forums recently regarding VPN providers: Old chart (The author of the chart did not provide any credible info regarding his tests) </deprecated> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FJTvWT5RHFSYuEoFVpAeQjuQPU4BVzbOigT0xebxTOw/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0 <deprecated> New chart: https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/best-vpns-privacy-and-anonymity/ While this list might be useful to avoid some providers, it lacks (imho) key values like if the announced locations are real locations and not fake Whois+GeoIP tricks, if the servers are actual bare-bone servers with real internet providers and not cheap shared bandwidth resellers, and of course who is the team behind the VPN company and how they respond to critical security issues, privacy questions and "hard" questions regarding their service. I want to make it an open discussion, where the members that submit their thoughts "Why provider X is better than Air", where me, or other members, can explain why most of the times this is a lie. Since most of those providers oversell cheap VPS servers, and have GeoIP tricks with fake whois (HMA/PureVPN/Ivacy are a good example) to show you 50+ countries where in fact it is mostly NL/US location where you can put fake data in the IP, and open a ticket to Maxmind to update the location. And here you go, a fake country is ready for the gullible users to fall in. I would like to make a discussion where every member can post a "feature" where they think another provider is better, but as I explained, most of them only false advertize it in most cases. The only thing I cannot put up on this challenge is the price, however, being in the hosting industry I do know how much Air pays for their leased servers - this is not a cheap thing to run at all. There are about 100 providers in this list, I tried to find one that is at least honest about their infrastructure and their privacy policy, but I couldn't find anyone except Air. Now this is rather bad news than good one - I wanted to see more, but a fact is a fact... Feel free to throw competitive names here, in a nicely manner, and I will try as much as possible to show you why some points you believe in - are not exactly the way there are on this list. You can also try and point out some improvement points for Air, based on that list, and if they are interesting I am sure Staff can comment about them. Regards.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to compare AirVPN with ZorroVPN. Below are some of the features they provide:- Zorro, seems to have strong encryption (4096-bit RSA authentication keys, AES-256 strong encryption), although I am no security expert and want your view on this.They provide Quadro-hop with possibility to add Tor to any of those hops. It has a config generator - not very easy to understand at first but once you know what it does - it is a big time saver.Provide port forwarding3 devices at a timeNo restriction on P2PThey claim - "no logs". what do you guys think?Own DNS to prevent DNS leakThey claim to have sever in 48 countries - not sure. How do you verify if it is physical server or virtual? Let me know what you think about this provider.
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