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WireGuard with Linux - Terminal

Install WireGuard from your distro, see WireGuard Install section for more distro-specific information
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Enter Config Generator
Click on your favorite option.
Click on "Generate".
Download or extract files.
With wg-quick, the config file name will be used as interface name, but our Config Generator builds too complex names. So, rename the .conf file you want to use to a friendly interface name, e.g.
mv /home/myuser/Downloads/AirVPN_BE-Brussels_Columba_UDP-1637.conf /home/myuser/Downloads/wg.conf
To start tunnel
sudo wg-quick up /home/myuser/Downloads/wg.conf
(note: use a full-path)
To stop tunnel
sudo wg-quick down /home/myuser/Downloads/wg.conf
Use an absolute path to qualify your .conf.
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