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Hummingbird for Linux and macOS

AirVPN's free and open source OpenVPN 3 client based on AirVPN's OpenVPN 3 library fork

Version 1.1.0 - Release date 23 June 2020

Note on Checksum Files

Hummingbird is an open source project and, as such, its source code can be downloaded, forked and modified by anyone who wants to create a derivative project or build it on his or her computer. This also means the source code can be tampered or modified in a malicious way, therefore creating a binary version of hummingbird which may act harmfully, destroy or steal your data, redirecting your network traffic and data while pretending to be the "real" hummingbird client genuinely developed and supported by AirVPN.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee forked, modified and custom compiled versions of Hummingbird to be compliant to our specifications, development and coding guidelines and style, including our security standards. These projects, of course, may also be better and more efficient than our release, however we cannot guarantee or provide help for the job of others.

You are therefore strongly advised to check and verify the checksum codes found in the .sha512 files to exactly correspond to the ones below, that is, the checksum we have computed from the sources and distribution files directly compiled and built by AirVPN. This will make you sure about the origin and authenticity of the hummingbird client. Please note the files contained in the distribution tarballs are created from the very source code available in the master branch of the official hummingbird's repository.

Checksum codes for Version 1.1.0

The checksum codes contained in files hummingbird-<os>-<arch>-1.1.0.<archive>.sha512 and hummingbird.sha512 must correspond to the codes below in order to prove they are genuinely created and distributed by AirVPN.

Linux x86_64

hummingbird-linux-x86_64-1.1.0.tar.gz: 6fe5df66e75fe7d7b52848f888d5905e5279167440c5d62ec7d816b911210725cda08c63337a96b3b4f79333114cdc0a18015702f30920dfe364070ac549886e

hummingbird: 9e4bd87a198a597c9980b5e350923bedba94923dd0116bf181c87f4d9eb22aa6effda0a81f3ad1ff4a7b81371e7ee6d2c61950e14c80e6d672c52895a716af9f

Linux ARM32

hummingbird-linux-armv7l-1.1.0.tar.gz: fb3c5fa2f5ca97e16597a7bbec9aadb2b4787c97a1bc276a7ac719eba875f010cacef71d228a4050ff193f89f28d441c7a6a03be1d9adce4989634f59ab4507a

hummingbird: 1084f652a00d6e455ae3b80730e082e4e2c64581e088af45b9a48e80aaa9eb3c7eac442a81e1678b95dd697c7c20ea72fff1dc8fb2535d25f34364772b4cd53e

Linux ARM64

hummingbird-linux-aarch64-1.1.0.tar.gz: 9dd44cec4097e2382dfaf5fb28d9c1c004dd1e70ccb17acebcbcbc91ecbe8fec8b475875d9e606e0fb4d8b932917f7eeaaf6d2566f6756ee5544b3daa8dd1b79

hummingbird: 144c03cdc86c2f4d5caa8c021c643e4df72d2655d304d1bb4dce0f607c83ec30021ca5da1f386585d2e4fda5bb5236a43b45aaa5a58c15242197c80c6bc02811

macOS plain

hummingbird-macos-1.1.0.tar.gz: bc06abd324a45a217a8c90d10d7738d22f600666347d329f5599c61ac7e049094b31ff09a056d4bc3a847674042ff2ac4b67cf0c1aa323a13222f83d11c6b2e4

hummingbird: 2802d73ee86df371efbbc8762eb88d2d95647b168f4a1cc951504864c28a24e2de881c351b7e2737d88a117fc0d9d2a4b1916d7c96bff4ee6ba402edea7199f5

macOS notarized

hummingbird-macos-notarized-1.1.0.zip: 8160bcd75f151a76a951fd98c92be04995bc0c97e551f9af47f06d17d564bcaf4b97d66cf154a16bfe6eb78470fea3d15183dca81ea1f21831a7646f849d31c3

hummingbird: 658854fddbe01f16b6e81009329f9024692d82711e50dbc77a317194f4918b5fb739a3726cc7d369fac1c610b85ca38fccac1f4cb985680568836a9fa061dcbe

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