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I recently had a bad experience with a program so I thought i would leave the title of the thread open ended so everyone could post other apps that fit in here.



this little app was featured on torrentfreak.  it watches the vpn connection to disconnect and then it kills whatever process you want.  ie bittorrent.  I trusted it too much and it failed.   Air VPN disconnected for some reason and i guess it took too long for vpn watcher to shut it down.  My ISP noticed, twice.   I had to call in and listen to some guy tell me my connection had probably been hijacked.  At least it wasn't a demand letter.  But today I have setup comodo following the advice found on this site.  Looks tightly locked so far.  Don't make my mistake and try to take an easy way out.  It probably took 15 to 20 minutes to get my net locked down with Comodo.  

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You wont be needing both when the new airvpn client will provide an internet kill switch.

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I too have recently had problems with VPNwatcher now being disabled when it previously worked OK.

I would be greatly in favour of a built in internet kill switch for AirVPN which is a feature of some other VPN services (though AirVPN is much better in my opinion than these others). I know rules have been posted for users of Commodo but I like many others use different software and a built in kill switch would eliminate any need for this kind of work-around.

Is this feature close to being released or is it still in the development stages?

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