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What do you think of the Comodo Dragon browser?

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Since I use the Comodo firewall at the recommendation of the excellent support staff here, I was wondering what do you think of their Dragon web browser, as far as privacy and security is concerned?


Because I respect their opinions on such matters, I'd love to hear from the support staff, but also others who might have used it.


Thanks in advance,




<my rant>Privacy is a right and expectation that the citizens of the world once enjoyed, but took for granted, and have lost. Today we are made to believe that we only need privacy if we are doing something wrong. I do not believe this lie. Today we are told by our governments that we can have no expectations of privacy, for our own "safety" and for "the greater good" of society. Personally, I don't need a big brother to protect me, and I will NEVER choose to surrender my rights and my liberties for so-called safety and security from a boogie man. I will continue to use services, such as AirVpn, in order to exercise my right and expectation of privacy. Would that the sheep would learn.</end rant>


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I've used it, ended up reverting back to Chromium / Iron as my WebKit-based browsers, for what reasons I can't remember exactly but probably as I didn't feel as though Dragon offered any worthwhile features for my uses. It doesn't have an installation ID which both Iron and Chromium already do not have. secureDNS may not be a good idea to use with AirVPN, you can choose not to use it whilst installing. Staff would be better at commenting on that.


Here's a review I read back whilst I was giving Dragon the test that I think you'll find useful.


Chromium (and Iron last time I checked) does not have an auto-update feature so it's less convenient than Chrome or Dragon. For the most part I use Firefox (Aurora) with addons NoScript, Adblock Plus, DoNotTrackMe and HTTPS Everywhere. There is also HTTPS Finder which works along side HTTPS Everywhere. If you're on Windows you can use the HostsMan freeware to manage your hosts file and populate it with IPs to help block tracking and ads in and outside of your browsers. These setups are not the most convenient for browsing but they certainly help keep you in control. Chromium/Chrome offers the same extensions minus NoScript (though there are substitutes).

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