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Wouldn't there be the possibility of a correlation attack? Let me give you an example, let's say there's two connections - 1 is linked to your real life identity and the other is preferred to remain anonymous. If the two speeds somewhere were to collude against a user in the top speed chart (having the sum of the speeds), wouldn't that mean deanonymising them?

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The speeds displayed there are not real-time, so I see very little ground for making a connection.
Besides, it's a complete waste of money and time to catch a petty torrenter downloading mass media by using things like correlation as a basis.
Also, we are living in constitutional states around the globe where an argumentation based on a correlation is far from being conclusive, so there are no courts you can convince with that.

And four, this requires some authority to work with a given VPN and internet service provider, something that is tedious for the authority because of most VPN providers having a critical stance towards authorities in general, unthinkable for the VPN providers because they would lose trust, and a nuisance for the ISPs because said authority is doing god knows what in their infrastructure.


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