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ANSWERED Syncthing connection

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Hi there

Up until now I have been using relay servers to connect my 2 syncthing devices, but since switching to airvpn and its portforwarding I would like to connect directly.

I have followed the thread "syncthing & airvpn" from 2015 but I can not get the 2 devices to connect.

They do seem to register the correct addresses and ports but in syncthing the lines are commented with " i/o timeout "

In the "sync protocol listen addresses" tcp:// has been entered respectively.

When testing the port forwarding in airvpn they both say open.

When switching back to the relay servers the devices will connect again.

Any indication on what to try next would be appreciated!



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Did you make sure both devices are not connected to the same VPN server as described here?




NOTE: you can't reach your listening service(s) through the VPN server exit-IP address from the very same machine that's running it/them and is connected to a VPN server, or from any other machine connected to that same VPN server.



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Thanx cheapsheep,

just the input I needed - can't believe I missed that!!!

Everything working as expected now!



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