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remote-random in wireguard?

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I keep using openvpn due to openvpn having the remote-random feature. It is an easy method to configure a router to connect randomly to another airvpn server.

Can you achieve this automated openvpn remote-random like feature with wireguard on a router setup? How?

If not, is this a service Airvpn could provide (router always connects to a single server and then airvpn randomly changes the exit server location)?


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I ran into this question myself back before I started using Air's wireguard offering, and my dd-wrt kludge to deal with this using AzireVPN's wireguard system is described in a dd-wrt forum thread.  As Air uses pre-shared keys while Azire does not, you should expect to have to tweak the approach described there.  Compare Air configs for two separate servers (same Air device should be fine) to see which fields need to be modified when the script runs at router shutdown time.  For wireguard interface oet1, for example, the pre-shared key for the first (and only) peer (for a client set up) goes in nvram variable oet1_psk0, so the script will certainly need to customize that one.

I wish I could say I knew of an approach to wireguard's remote-random lack that is suitable for nonprogrammers who are justifiably reluctant to dive into modifying a shell script.  Unfortunately though, I don't.

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