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ANSWERED Valorant & Riot Authentication Servers are blocked by Cloudflare

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Hey team,

since one week I can't login and play Valorant anymore, supposedly because some EU VPN servers are blocked from access to the authentication servers via Cloudflare.

Anything we can do to circumvent this? Like trying different ports or settings? Logging in through Netherlands, US and other VPN servers works, but it's horrible Ping for me obv. Prague, Frankfurt, Vienna, Brussels all don't work.



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20 hours ago, HeyWAZZab33 said:

Anything we can do to circumvent this? Like trying different ports or settings?

If the server itself is blocked, likely no, sorry.


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That's a shame :(
My solution for now is logging in through the dutch servers and then switching to the german servers in game. But it's most likely not a solution which will work for long and you have to restart the game every two matches..

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There's no way I can help you with the Cloudflare proxied authentication servers, but you can override game servers to always use your real network instead of the VPN connection. This way you don't need to change VPN servers: you auth with VPN IP, but play with real IP.
For each IP range (subnet) in the attached list you can add an option to your OpenVPN config to bypass the VPN for that IP range: route <first ip from range> <subnet mask> <router IP/"net_gateway">
You'd need to specify the correct subnet mask:
/24 =
/23 =
/22 =
/21 =

Example: -> route net_gateway
This is the basics of route-based split-tunneling. Done by yourself.

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Problem was solved without me doing anything to change it, all the servers I tried work again :) Thanks for your tip though Stalinium!

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