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Long time subscriber, have been getting slow speeds for a while now

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Hi Guys,

over the past few months i have been getting terrible speeds over Eddie.

I have a 1.2GB connection (120MB/s), and i have been testing the speed i get over Eddie connecting to different servers and trying different protocols. I get the same result regardless.

I am downloading files direct from the web, i understand it would be extremely rare to get my full bandwidth when downloading large files even without a VPN (only time i see that is when downloading games from steam without VPN).

to test this i have been downloading some large files, and from the servers i have chosen with no VPN i get around 60 MB/s which is 600 MBps, about half my true bandwidth but this is to be expected - its completely acceptable and will download a 10gb file in a few minutes.

Now on these same servers, if i connect to Eddie, with different protocols and different servers i consistently download the exact same files from the exact same server at around 3-4 MB/s, which is about 30 MBps -  literally 5% of the speed i download these files from without connecting to VPN. This results in a 10gb file taking around 60 minutes to download and its giving me flashbacks to my 56k dial up days in the 90s where id be waiting a day for something to download.

i know going through a VPN can decrease speeds and increase latency - however decreasing  95% of your speed? something is wrong imo.

Im hoping there is some way to fix this, as having a VPN is a necessity for me - however it defeats the purpose if everytime i have to download a large file i have to disconnect from the VPN.


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There just isn't enough information in your post to troubleshoot any potential problems you're experiencing.
OS and version
How are you connecting to the Internet? - LAN, Wi-fi, etc.
Are your drivers up to date?
Eddie version, its configuration, and protocol you normally use to connect to Air
Which server(s) do you usually connect to?
Etc., etc.
The next time you try Eddie, generate a log file (life belt icon) and post it. @OpenSorcerer is quite knowledgeable and may be able to offer some insight into your situation.  Plus, there's always the option of opening a support ticket if your issues cannot be resolved easily.
My experience on Eddie in Windows 10 has not been ideal.  However, it performs much better for me in Linux.  That said, if you're able to use Wireguard and you're on Windows, I would suggest using the official Wireguard application.  Generate the config files for the servers you use most frequently and try to connect to Air that way.

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