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How can I setup proxies for a containers addon in firefox to work with Tunnelblick on mac? My top goal to be able to use defferent airvpn servers within firefox. If it is possible.


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2 hours ago, salynskii said:

If it is possible.

The simple answer is: It's not.

The complicated one: It should be possible with a good amount of tweaking and config.
  • You'd need to setup multiple instances of OpenVPN, all of which don't alter the default route of the system.
  • Then somehow bind multiple instances of Firefox (or its worker processes) to the different tunnel interfaces of the system. Thing is, Firefox doesn't create workers for each tab you open. It's something I've seen Chromium and Opera do but I've not observed Firefox doing this (it creates workers, but not per-tab).
  • Despite all that, there's the question of DNS servers, of which you now have as many as there are OpenVPN instances + the system ones. You can't tell one tab to use one and a second tab to use another, that setting is global to my knowledge.
You can do this with proxy servers, though. But AirVPN doesn't offer them.


LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

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I think a terminology issue is involved here as well. It's important to understand that Firefox containers are just cookie jars, not Docker (or equivalent) virtual machines. The software industry has slipped into using "container" to refer to two completely different and unrelated things. 

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@Anarchy-X Open Sourcerer's last sentence. Firefox Containers are tightly integrated with the MozillaVPN (a rebranding of Mullvad), so each container has a separate proxy server setting. This can be achieved manually in 2 ways:
  • Generic VPN with multiple connections like AirVPN: custom VPN configs + multiple local proxy servers running -> manually configure container proxy settings
  • A VPN that supports proxy connections -> manually configure container proxy settings
If you want the convenience and the container separation, that goes beyond "separating cookie jars" as @SurprisedItWorks put it so well, you'll have to use MozillaVPN. Imho separate containers with unique IP per container is a very advanced solution for ad tracking privacy. It won't help you against sophisticated browser fingerprinting, however (browser settings and extensions are very fingerprintable, but who knows how widely that method is used?).

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I am using multiple AirVPN servers with the following steps.
And EdgeRouter can configure a kill switch if his AirVPN server goes down.


1. Configure Policy-Based Routing in EdgeRouter.
    The WAN interface constitutes a tunnel (vtunX) to multiple AirVPN servers.

    EdgeRouter - Policy-Based Routing - Ubiquiti Support and Help Center

2. Configure the ipset option in Dnsmasq.

    Dnsmasq Ipset | Ubiquiti Community

3. Configure the server option in Dnsmasq.
    This option allows you to specify a different DNS server for each domain.

4. Add Firefox Multi-Account Containers.
    Configure different containers for each domain.

    Firefox Multi-Account Containers - Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US)


Domain (FQDN)
Container name
DNS server
AirVPN server

Geography DE (AirVPN)
Adhara (Germany)

Geography UK (Cloudflare)
Alathfar (United Kingdom)

Geography US (Google)
Acamar (United States)

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