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Eddie hanging/freezing after Debian 11 updates last week

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I don't see anything being posted by other users so once again maybe I am having all the fun here!  I am running the latest stable release of Eddie and its been working flawlessly for a long time.  About a week ago I did apt-get updates to Bullseye.  I wish I had copied a list of the files that updated before I ran the process, but who does that?  Shortly afterwards my Eddie clients have been hanging on about 5 machines all running Bullseye.  Prior to the Deb 11 updates these all ran for many months without any glitches.

When I mount/boot the machines Eddie will come up flawlessly and never drops my connection.  I cannot change servers or Exit/close Eddie from the UI.  I simply shutdown my OS when I am finished and the next time it mounts perfectly again.  I am going to tinker with preferences but right now I can't grab logs because the client is hung.  Network lock still working and as long as I only want to use one server per session I would be good.  That is not the case because I move around like alot of other users here.

Maybe I should delete Eddie-UI and reinstall it to see if that has any effect.  I wouldn't delete the config files for Eddie just the main client.  If I do that I will come back and let you know how it went.

Other ideas since I don't have logs.

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51 minutes ago, iwih2gk said:

About a week ago I did apt-get updates to Bullseye.  I wish I had copied a list of the files that updated before I ran the process, but who does that?

/var/log/apt/history.log[.gz.X]. :)

I've had my fair share of breakage with major version upgrades of Debian and I vowed to never do that again. I also stopped doing do-release-upgrade on Ubuntu servers, it's just absolutely unpredictable. Glad to have jumped ship to a rolling distribution, even for servers, this is sooo much more fun.

Does Eddie show the same behavior if you don't launch it at boot, then launch it manually via terminal?


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Just wanted to touch back here to correctly note the problem.  It is NOT the upgrade of Debian that caused the issues I STILL experience.  This is only happening on Linux hosts using VirtualBox with connected VM's.  When Debian updated it caused VirtualBox to rebuild a bunch of stuff, which is quite common with Debian updates.

Again ---- my Debian systems running bare metal and no VM's are running flawlessly with Eddie.  Earlier I had neglected to note that non-VirtualBox systems were and are unaffected where Eddie is concerned.

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