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issue resolving some TLDs using unbound via airvpn exit

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I run a dns resolver (unbound) on pfsense to resolve domain names and use airvpn servers as the pathway for that traffic.

All works good, except for some TLDs (so far: .exchange .technology); using nslookup for these domains (e.g. gold.exchange or nasa.techology) I get either a timeout error or a SERVFAIL.

I changed the unbound pathway on pfsense to use my ISP direct and they resolve fine, so it appears there is some issue with the airvpn exit. I also see these TLDs resolve fine when using a client connection to airvpn, using airvpn DNS and bypassing unbound.

Is it possible the authoritative name servers for these TLDs are blocking queries from airvpn IPs? Is there anyway to solve this without resorting to DNS forwarding or using my ISP direct for this traffic?


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