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  • Website is not exactly "silent". I get popups for "big deals" everytime I go to another page, a support bot messages me and the title caption is flashing with "1 new message". It is absolutely distracting.
    • Website also has external trackers. My filter lists blocked some Google stuff and dwin1.com.
  • Offers PPTP -> focus on compatibility and a "quick setup" rather than security.
  • Offers Adblocker. Might be reading your DNS requests.
  • Says it offers a "Linux app" but in the end refers to vanilla OpenVPN or even its plugin for NetworkManager. On all distributions you can think of. This is slightly misleading.
    • Even more misleading is promising support for XBox or Roku for example, then simply writing "ah, just setup a router or Windows hotspot". Those setups then simply say to install OpenVPN vanilla. I get a feeling all this is something of a bait.
    • In section "VPN made easy" on the Linux page two of the three pictures are identical. Which could either mean a simple mistake or lacking attention to detail.
  • Usual Google trackers in the Android app, therefore it's not open source.
  • Uses credentials instead of certificates.
  • Server overview is not public, just a few circles with some flags, the outer ones are not clickable. If you click the inner, more useless marketing fluff appears. This is really unhelpful. Some server names could've helped identify some of the servers' ISPs.
    • If the outer flags are server locations in actual existence, Bulgaria, Brazil and Hong Kong are a little questionable. The others are solid choices.
  • Privacy Policy is not adapted for GDPR, no contact details, no names, no addresses. In fact, nothing of the sort anywhere except on the blog. No imprint.
  • The blog is unnecessarily dull, all the posts appear to be unsorted and address rather… mundane topics. The first posts also seem to start appearing in Dec 2020 only. Is this a newcomer in the market?
Let's dive into ToS. First thing: They're VERY short and are not written in "legalese". In fact, this might be the shortest and least "normal" ToS I've seen so far in a VPN provider.
One thing to be mindful of is that charges mentioned on our website do not include taxes.

I can imagine why, but they should be automatically calculated depending on the visitors' country, not done manually, as hinted in the Privacy Policy. I mean, all eCommerce providers do it, all VPN providers I've seen so far do it. So why?
Any purchases made via third parties do not qualify for a full refund.

Unclear. What constitutes a third party?

iProVPN communicates with its users electronically by email. We will communicate with you regarding new products and services or any other purpose.

I hope you can disable marketing mail. The ToS imply you can't.

I don't know. As hinted, seems to be a newcomer, so some points are understandable. No recommendation from me, but maybe this provider will come around at some point. All it takes is a little push. :)

» I am not an AirVPN team member. All opinions are my own and are not official. Refer to Staff postings for the official word.

» These are the community forums, not the support portal. You're writing with other users here.

» New here? LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN. Use the search function, Luke!

» Tor exits behind a VPN connection are discouraged. Using Tor on the other hand is not.


» Privacy is like alcohol: Drink a little and it can help you stay unnoticed. Drink a lot and everyone will notice you.

» I cannot give you the solution to all your issues. But I can guide you to it. The rest is up to you.

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