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Eddie for android using 300mb of ram?

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My phone is kind  of a piece of shit(android 6.01) with 3gb ram. Lately its been a bit more of a piece of shit. And i noticed the eddie gui was using 290-300mb of ram which seems high. Is this normal memory usage? The airvpn linux suite doesnt use this much ram and also uses the openvpn 3.3.

Ive reinstalled it from airvpn and google play and its still the same ram usage.

Android sucks i know.

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3G of RAM is not the norm in a 2021 Android device but for Android 6 it should be decent. Heck, until recently I was using a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 with LineageOS 17.1, Android 10, and it worked flawlessly in regards to its 3G of RAM. If you're stuck with Android 6, which is a different problem, you should either look for aftermarket firmwares like LineageOS for your device or get a new phone as running old software versions is always a risk, especially if it's Android itself.

Having written that, you should know that all apps which are not in the foreground remain in a cached state in the background with unneeded parts of that app "trimmed" to save RAM – no one needs all the UI activities of an app in RAM which are not used by the user, for example. So I'd guess, 300 MB are probably only used when it's in the foreground.
My quick tests on LOS 17.1 (Android 10) seem to show that Eddie uses about 270 in foreground, confirming your findings, but, with some margin of error, as little as 15-50 in the background, seems to be dependent on whether it's idle or connected. With 270 max, it's not even the most hungry app on my device, FairEmail is heavier for example, and it's supposed to be a more or less simple mail app. :)

4 hours ago, Stack of computer parts said:

The airvpn linux suite doesnt use this much ram and also uses the openvpn 3.3.

Linux != Android. Also, the Linux suite doesn't boast with a graphical user interface (at least not yet).
Android apps are also packed with all external libraries they might need at runtime, so Eddie and OpenVPN for Android for example both may come with the same version of openvpn, openssl and others. Since Android executes apps in a sandboxed manner, the concept of shared memory is not applied as it is done on Linux. In case both apps are used simultaneously they will both load their libs into RAM, even if they're identical. So in essence, RAM contents might be duplicate, but again, Android sandboxes apps from each other.
On Linux, a library like libssl (OpenSSL) may be installed once for all programs and loaded into RAM as a shared resource to be used by openvpn and openvpn3 at the same time, reducing RAM usage.
5 hours ago, Stack of computer parts said:

Android sucks i know.

Actually no, it doesn't. :D

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