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ANSWERED Can't connect anymore although I didn't change anything

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I use an Asus RT-AC86U with Asuswrt-Merlin firmware.

My normal internet connection is working but the router can't connect via VPN anymore.

If I click on "VPN" -> "VPN Client" I see the message "Error - check configuration!" besides "Service state".

How can this happen? I didn't change anything. Does anybody has an idea what I can do?

I already rebooted the router and uploaded configuration files with different servers.

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Posted ... (edited)

I installed Eddie to test if the problem is my router but I can't connect via Eddie, too, so it seems the router is not the problem.

I also upgraded to the newest Merlin firmware but anyway, this can't be the problem because I can't connect via Eddie, too, if I turn off the VPN in my router.

I hope anybody has an idea, otherwise it seems I can't use AIrVPN anymore.

Very strange because I use AirVPN for several years now and it worked always well.

Edit: I have no idea why but everything is working again now.

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