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Zoom not working behind US servers

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I have been experiencing issues with Zoom when linked to a server based in the US. Zoom works fine with servers based in any other country.
As I do not use other videoconferencing providers (Vidyo, Jitsi etc,) I don't know if the problem is restricted to Zoom.

Cheers, Volkhart

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We can't reach Zoom.us. I tried Lich and Fang in the US, neither worked. Then I ran the Route Checking tool (results attached) and other than one server that never refreshed, Zoom.us is blocked in all servers worldwide. ipleak.net shows only single addresses. Our isp (Verizon) isn't listed as blocking, and we can reach Zoom.us if we don't use the VPN. Zoom isn't listed on the micro-routing page. As my wife needs Zoom for work, this is preventing us from using AirVPN more than sporadically.

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Thank you. Virgo works for me too, as do all the other Phoenix servers. In Atlanta, Sculptor works but Hercules doesn't. In NYC Dimidium and Gliese work but Lich doesn't. Yet all showed the same response in the Route Checking tool (which makes me wonder what it's for). The inconsistency among servers bothers me. I think I'll check the faster (for us, we're in RI) servers daily for a few days to see if any are consistently working with Zoom.us. As I'd like to run the VPN from our pfSense box I prefer a server that always supports Zoom as it's less convenient to change servers there than it is in Eddie.

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