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Through a UK M247 server (RDNS Facebook seems to block users who are not logged-in i.e. try and access a Facebook page and you are directed to a login prompt. Disconnect from VPN and reconnect to a different server not an M247 one, e.g. UK Dedicated Servers (RDNS and you can access the page without getting login prompt. Applies to any Facebook page not specific to a particular Facebook account.

Posted for info only NOT as an issue that needs help resolving (as switching to a non M247 server resolves).

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For me Facebook always asked to log in, even with my ISP's IP…

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This is more of the Facebook problem. Half of the time, I get required login message and other time I can access the page without logging in. This is with and without VPN. So it is more of Facebook thing, and I am not sure why they did this.

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18 hours ago, giganerd said:

For me Facebook always asked to log in, even with my ISP's IP…

With Facebook I used to get the login "nag" encouragement (where their "login nag" takes the bottom third of the screen but that is easily blocked.

The login I'm finding (so far through M247 servers) is a "hard login" where you don't get the page you browsed to but a white background login screen. I'm not a Facebook user and just keep an eye on a couple of sites of associations I participate in (so can't login), but when it happens, if disconnect and run through ISP I get to the page of if I disconnect and reconnect (choses different e.g. UK Dedicated Servers server) then I get straight through to the site. So for me (so far) it seems very much related to the VPN Server.

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