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ANSWERED DNS problems on NL servers

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When I'm connected to any of the Dutch (NL) servers, I have tried 10 different ones, I'm having issues with DNS.
facebook, whatsapp, instragram and a few other sites do not resolve.

I'm using Pihole as my DNS servers, which uses Unbound (recursive DNS) as my upstream provider.
But for testing purposes I've also tried Google DNS, OpenDNS and Quad9. Also I tried the AirVPN dns server @
Using any of the DNS providers without Pihole (so directly set within my Windows laptop) gives me the same problem.

VPN servers in other countries (Belgium, Germany) seem to be working without problems.

Any one have a clue what's going on?

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19 hours ago, zsam288 said:

I have the same issue, airvpn has acknowledged the problem and is investigating

I'm still facing the same issues.
Has anything changed on your side?

The problems seems to be gone now. Just checked and all is working again.

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