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Disabling Network lock outside of Eddie?

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Hey guys. 

Forgive me if this information is already available. I did have a search, but not so easy via mobile. 

So I keep my network lock on with Eddie, I didn’t think it worked outside of Eddie. But Eddie has for some reason been growing unstable on my Mac. (Not over builds even, just the last couple of weeks.) takes an increasing age to boot and will hang, waiting for the raise system privileges box to ask for my password. Then sometimes hangs for over 10 minutes after with the little black Eddie boot box just still saying “Raise System privileges”. 
now I can’t even get it to boot after this even after 20mins and counting. 
However I can’t access the net on my laptop to more easily try downloading again or troubleshooting. 
🤦🏻‍♂️ Ha.

- running on Mac OS 10.15.7

So I’m seeking advice on how to disable network lock in terminal, if anyone knows the command, until I can sort this. 
As well as any extra knowledge as to my issue anyone may have?!

much appreciated!

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Here is a suggestion for what I would try on Win10. I am unsure of the Mac equivalents and if you have any related questions perhaps other users will be able to clarify.

  1. Uninstall Eddie and delete any residual Eddie/AirVPN folders
  2. Restart machine
  3. Reset network connection
  4. Restart machine
  5. Download Eddie (if needed)
  6. Install Eddie

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Cheers for the quick response, I have tried that already, no joy unfortunately.
(it is on Mac OS I should've stated.)

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I suppose you have already unlocked your internet connection, as the topic was started in 2020. By the way if anyone will look here, Eddie on macOS uses PF firewall for Network Lock. To disable it, open terminal and run: 

sudo /sbin/pfctl -d
It will disable macOS firewall.

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