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Best SoC/NUC for Airvpn

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Hi everybody!

i'm a Airvpn user since 1 year.
I'm using Hummingbird (using chiper CHACHA20-POLY1305) on a RPI 3 (Archlinux installed )for p2p purpose. I have done, with all p2p software stopped, some speedtest and i found that i can only reach 8-10 Mb/s . I have done some tests also on a RPI 4 and i can reach 50Mb/s.
Since i have a 1Gbit connection, i wonder if i can do better using a different lowpowered board (board powered on 24/7 for file sharing in a country where energy costs a lot, so i can't use a high-end pc).  Any tricks?
I know that currently OpenVPN only uses 1 core and the board will only run Openvpn+aMule+qBittorent in headless mode, so maybe I need a board with less core (2?) but a higher frequency. Any ideas?
oes it exists a board with higher frequency than RPI X, same power consumption and billionaire price (no more than 100-150€)?

Thank you in advance.

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Odroid also has a bunch of similar products.
Some friends of mine got an Odroid C2 some years ago and were really happy with it. Now I see there's a C4 model, it might be worth taking a look at.
Here some benchmark comparing rpi4 and a couple of odroid products: https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-c4/
But I'm afraid I haven't tried it's performance with VPN.


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Have you think about Seedbox? This would be the best solution for you since your big concern is electricity.

If you are not familiar with seedbox, they are basically a glorified torrent box that run in the servers somewhere else. They are capable of high bandwidth, will remain operating 24/7 and they will keep seeding the file after the download is completed. All of the files will be in the servers and you can download the files from the seedbox via HTTP(S)/(S)FTP/etc. There are a thousand of seedbox services out there. If you are a member of private tracker, check with your private tracker first to see if they are cool with seedbox. There a few private trackers banned the use of seedbox service.

If you are interested, I recommend going to r/seedboxes. They will help you to find the right seedbox service for you.

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Hi both!

Thanks you very much for yours interesting suggestions.
Sadly i can not use a seed box for three reasons:
-I'm using more aMule than torrent.
-In aMule I'm sharing more than 3Tb of files (i'm using a 6tb hard disk which is half empty) and i think that a plan with 5+ tb will cost a lot (surely more than the electricity used by a SoC+HDD)
-The "DownloadingBoard" is in a LAN with another RPI used as a NAS (not really, but keep it as a general overview) with remote access. (1Gb/200Mb connection). Daily file transfer from the two RPI is quite mandatory and it's managed using some scripts done by me

I'm looking at Odroid N2 which seems to be one of the most powerful ARM SBC. Do you have any advice on it?


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