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Startpage.com is a privacy focused search engine that returns Google results without sharing information with Google. Its sister website is Ixquick.com.

Startpage seems to have recently started using CAPTCHAs on AirVPN and Tor Exit Servers. I received one CAPTCHA on the server Markab (CZ). I was not able to replicate the issue using the route checking tool since the CAPTCHA is only implemented when submitting a search.

The above is just for information and awareness. I'll post updates if it reoccurs.

As a privacy-focused alternative to Google, I hope Startpage.com can continue to offer their services to AirVPN users.

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Cannot reproduce. Can you try a browser profile without any addons?

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Let you know Startpage.com are no longer privacy-oriented search engine since Sept 2019. It was purchased by Privacy One Group, but that group is owned by System1 which is an advertising company. That mean that search engine are no longer privacy-oriented due to under ownership of the ad company. When an entity is owned by a parent company that are focus on advertising which means that they sells your tracking data to third-party. No matter how the parent company made their assurance of their consumers' about their data, it will sell the data since it bring them money. And System1 have ties to Verizon (unethical American company) and that is not a good thing.

So the best, so far, privacy-oriented search engine is DuckDuckGo. I was avid user of Startpage until the announcement of the acquisition. Then I switched to DuckDuckGo.


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