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[SOLVED] DCC from passive xdcc bots (mIRC)

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I know this question has been raised a lot of times and there is even a topic there is more or less similar to this from 2013 - but I don't understand it.

I am trying to download from what a certain irc channel calls "passive" bots, a pastebin with their how-to is here: https://pastebin.com/ubGNYUn9

I have manually entered my hostname and IP + defined ports in range 5000-5020 as it suggests, but I still can't receive by DCC. When I go to https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ and check the port, i.e. port 5000 it says it is closed.

I can download without problems from 90% of other xdcc bots, but 1 in 10 or so give me this same error.

Please dumb it down for me - should I do some sort of port forwarding through the airvpn client?


After I posted I discovered the "Client area" on the airvpn page. There you can forward some port numbers, which I did. Afterwards a entered the range in mIRC under Tools -> Options -> Ports. I didn't follow any of the other instructions in the info from the pastebin and it works now.

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