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Ipleak showing wrong information for ""

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So iam 100% certain that "" is a German frankfurt server both by speedtests and the guys running that server.

but Ipleak shows here a USA illinois server weirdly.

no Geolocation or whatever is on iam also located in germany.



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Probably a geolocation error.

$ ip-api
  "status"       : "success",
  "continent"    : "Europe",
  "continentCode": "EU",
  "country"      : "Germany",
  "countryCode"  : "DE",
  "region"       : "HE",
  "regionName"   : "Hesse",
  "city"         : "Frankfurt am Main",
  "district"     : "Frankfurt am Main West",
  "zip"          : "60326",
  "lat"          : 50.0979,
  "lon"          : 8.58809,
  "timezone"     : "Europe/Berlin",
  "currency"     : "EUR",
  "isp"          : "Total Server Solutions L.L.C",
  "org"          : "Total server solutions",
  "as"           : "AS46562 Total Server Solutions L.L.C.",
  "asname"       : "TOTAL-SERVER-SOLUTIONS",
  "mobile"       : false,
  "proxy"        : true,
  "hosting"      : true,
  "query"        : ""

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