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Just wondering if anyone here had any experience with Torguard VPN service?  I'm looking for a 2nd VPN service to have alongside my AirVPN subscription.  

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Hm. I needed 10 seconds to hit the search button in this forum.
Summary: You are not the first who asks about them, so go through the topics found this way, please.

» I am not an AirVPN team member. All opinions are my own and are not official. Refer to Staff postings for the official word.

» These are the community forums, not the support portal. You're writing with other users here.

» New here? LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN. Use the search function, Luke!

» Tor exits behind a VPN connection are discouraged. Using Tor on the other hand is not.


» Privacy is like alcohol: Drink a little and it can help you stay unnoticed. Drink a lot and everyone will notice you.

» I cannot give you the solution to all your issues. But I can guide you to it. The rest is up to you.

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