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Software for Home VPN access

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Ok, so we know the primary reason for VPN’s is privacy. I just need home network access.

I have setup a home VPN with Windows server and Even used DDWRT and the built-in PPTP VPN, but from work, we have blocked windows built in VPN and most other stuff. (I dont have net admin access, nor do I want to open up security vulnerabilities at my office.) both of my tested VPNs were working just fine as long as I was not connected to my work network, so I know I set them up right.vidmate mobdro word counter

The one thing I’ve noticed is that TeamViewer and a lot of other software can tunnel and do file transfer along side remote access, but the TeamViewer connection is not good for video streaming or in-home streaming for Steam. Ultimately I just need a strong, not necessarily strongly encrypted, server and client software that can assist me with tunneling a VPN and all of the traffic to it.

it might just be a little too early in the morning, but every Google search was just giving me top 10 lists of VPNs to help with Internet anonymity, but that is not what I am particularly aiming for. Any direction or insight is welcome.

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I have the same problems with connection at home. I often travel to cities in Europe and when I am at home with my parents in Germany I have some problems with connection and access. How did you solve your problem?

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