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Eddie works flawlessly, also on my Android now! :) When restarting Ubuntu Disko Dingo 19.04, Eddie is not starting up by itself, though I have set it to in the settings. I have to manually open Eddie and type in my admin password. Is this normal Ubuntu behavior? (Since you normally seldom restart, like you do all the time in Windows).
... and, btw, I can't do this-> (see image 1)
... and (sry) I get a question mark in the upper right corner? (I have imported the key file) (image 2)

Screenshot from 2019-06-03 13-31-20.png

Screenshot from 2019-06-03 13-41-40.png

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Well, I SOLVED the problem by manually adding Eddie to Startup Applications, and restarted. Eddie then asks for admin password, and the questionmark is gone too. Well, no, it has returned... ? :S
I still can't add the Eddie deb in terminal, though...

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4 hours ago, davidcrickett said:

.. and, btw, I can't do this-> (see image 1)

The deb line must be appended to /etc/apt/sources.list or, as a best practice, as a separate file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/eddie.list for example.
(If you do the latter, check for the permissions and make sure it's readable for "other". Execute
sudo chmod o+r /etc/apt/sources.list.d/eddie.list
as a precaution.)

4 hours ago, davidcrickett said:

Eddie is not starting up by itself, though I have set it to in the settings.

Instead of executing eddie-ui, you could try launching mono instead and provide Eddie-UI.exe as an argument:
mono /usr/lib/eddie-ui/Eddie-UI.exe
I didn't test it, but seeing as Eddie is a .NET app, it could very well work. Try it out and report at your convenience. :)

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