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Run my own VPN over Softether within a VPS server

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Hello,As we know no VPNs even the safest VPNs like AirVPN or ProtonVPN? are really safe, in fact there is always the problem that none of us users really know if they keeps logs.My solution would be to host running a VPN on a rented VPS server in order to personally manage it.To do so I do not want to limit at something pre-compiled, such as "digital ocean", infact my plan is to run it in Softether host inside a VPS.The scheme should be so:

Within a Windows Server VPS placed in some data center run VMware emulating another operating system, within this guest run Softether host app.Then connect via VPN tunnel from Softether host app to my real domestic PC.


I just wonder if the VPS server owner or the VPS internet operator itself could actually trace the source back to my real PC even though ill establish a VPN tunnelling from softether to my actual pc.


PS: The idea of ​​running everything inside a VM instead of into just the VPS itself is to make the Softether logs inaccessible to a potential attacker protecting them in a shell, plus mask the imei and the operation system.I look forward to understand if they (NSA or potential attackers) would have some way to track back the encrypted VPN connection from Softether to my current PC

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I would suggest to use openvpn => 2.4.x( on debian vps for example ) instead of Windows based solutions. cheaper, less hardware consuming and opensource ( if You assume that MS and vmware have no backdoors or will deny to cooperate with governments - naive ). pick some vps based in Switzerland ( due to most anonimity friendly law )


the question is: how You gonna pay for that VPS? by credit card? paypal etc - forget about anonimity. 


answering to Your particular questions: if You will start vpn session directly from/to your IP - yes VPS operator will see connections from/to Your host but not the content if You would use VPN. but with phisical access to host technically there is possible to read any keys from guset ram pool and decrypt current vpn session even if You are using ephemeral keys. 


there is a major advantage of using airvpn over self build solution ( assuming they dont store logs and share them with big brother which I belive is a fact,  ) - You are connecting to one of theri VPN host together with many other users. they can see that You are using airvpn but they can't proove that some session originating from airvpn belongs to You. 

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