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IPv6 is disabled at OS level

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I use Windows 10 Pro and every time I connect using Eddie I saw the following "toast" warning:



The Wi-Fi properties had IPv6 enabled:



... so I was puzzled why I am getting this warning repeatedly.

According to the following reference I had 0xff set in ...\Tcpip6\Parameters\DisabledComponents:


Initially I tried 0xfe, and after a reboot the warning was still there when Eddie connects to a server. I then set 0x20 (as recommended by Microsoft) and now the warning no longer appears. Please be aware that changes to the registry need to be done with great care and I advise a manual key backup as well as creating a System Restore Point. You are responsible for all eventualities.

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If the Eddie log tells you that it disabled IPv6 prior to connecting then this behavior shouldn't surprise you and manual correction is not needed.

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