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Hey all, I sent a message for a free trial yesterday and haven't got a response. I was afraid that the message did not appear in the queue for some reason (I read another forum post where the staff support member replied and said they didn't receive the original message and to resend it), so I resubmitted another request an hour ago. 


Am I just being impatient on the response? Maybe they don't work on the weekend - anyone know or had this issue? 


Other background - I'm wondering if part of the issue is that my sister downloaded the trial a few days ago and they don't want to give another to someone else on the same IP a free trial (I'm just visiting her right now, but going back to my home after the weekend so if that is the case I can submit a request when I get home and on my IP). Thoughts if this might be the problem? 


I really want to try to confirm USA Netflix will work. Also, I hear air is one of the better VPNs out there... hope it's not TOO advanced though...





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I can't help you with the trial.

But if you are really impatient to try Airvpn, buy a 3 day subscription. It costs just 1 € and you will instantly get access to Airvpn.

Now I bought a longer subscription but in the past I bought the 3 day subscription many times.

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Am I just being impatient on the response?


I get that people read the forums and sometimes come across posts saying that creating a support ticket to ask for a trial is "standard practice". Many people including me wrote about it in the past, but in my posts I always point out that one needs to ask in a nicely manner, because this is not official. The three-day plan for 1€ is official. Your post proved your impatience, and impatience is not nice. In my eyes you forfeited the chance for free beer, but it's only me and other people decide here. Not all might be lost.


But really, is AirVPN not worth your 1€ despite it being one of the better VPNs out there for you? If something is good, let's pay for it, right? Consider that one Euro as a tip, Just Do It. Don't wait for it. Or wait for it, but don't ask questions like those in your post. -.-


hope it's not TOO advanced though...


It's as advanced as you want it to be, honestly. You can ask What is this "Network Lock" everyone uses? and you get answers from one corner of the userverse. Or you can ask How do I fine-tune OpenVPN to better fit my setup? I've tried [tech thing 1] and [tech thing 2] already but I'm not there yet and the other part answers.

Mr. LZ1's new user guide, though being a Great Wall of Text, is written in a less techy style, link's in my signature. The basics of its tech vocabulary, that's the average level on which people write across these forums. Don't get too excited if you know more, don't get too depressed if you know less.

Always remember:
There's a guide to AirVPN,

Amazon IPs are not dangerous here,
running TOR exits is discouraged,

using spoilers for your logs helps us read your thread.

~ Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. ~

Instead of writing me a personal mail, consider contacting me via XMPP at gigan3rd@xmpp.airvpn.org or join the lounge@conference.xmpp.airvpn.org. I might read the mail too late whereas I'm always available on XMPP

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AirVpn is worth every cent and it is easy to use i started with buying few 1€ trials to allow me test it with the configuration I wanted (modem). However, the fact you can test it on your mobile too (just download the app anf then generate the files) and tou are ready to go. For pc is basically the same.

And it is the same for computer. Now i just buy annual subscriptions. Trust me, you don't need a trial. You will not be able to resist the freedom of breathing airvpn anymore

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