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i need to know if its possible to a state (military/security company)


to intercept a vpn connection during the certificate exchange?



i tried a lot of different vpn


like nordvpn, protonvpn, vyprvpn (good for netflix), and mullvad but i'm facing nefarious attack on my connection (lte wifi ethernet ...)


my vpn is blocked or there is no data flow......and there is always a big difference when i check the bandwith in my computer  and what i can see in the vpn software... a delay


i just need to know if they can do that like a man in the middle attack or they can do that by hacking my computer directly?


ps: i'm no criminal i have nothing to hide its just i'm tired to be hacked and my passwords are stolen (fake captcha , sessions hijacking.....)


i take a vpn not to hide what i'm doing but to protect my devices to all kind of remote attacks (xss injection, javascript, cpu cache attack, row hammer attack...)  and they like to cut off all my downloading... mega.nz, uptobox.... i can't log into my emails.... dont receive my verification sms ... its harassment....


i hope your airvpn will be helpfull ......


even my black berry motion with dtek is already hacked ......


an dmy chromebook acer too.... i can't win against sophisticated hardware attack (dma attack, firmware rootkit, fileless attack...)


thx to not delete my post..... i'm not a troll



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os agnostics



IOS ANDROID WINDOWS (the worst, they can do everything.....) MAC OS (there is no glitch with macos, its like natural for this kind of malware) 


its not hacking , it is monitoring spying and electronic dectruction...


and i'm not from the usa and never put a foot in usa so its not the nsa or the cia or whatever you think .... it look like the badbios


i think i had to buy my electronic gear physically out of my country


and not receive them by the post office... it is why all my stuff are infected....

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Hmm, nightmare scenario . . . Here's a thought: find a trustworthy friend with a trusted ISP. Visit https://tails.boum.org/ and follow instructions to create a secure OS (TAILS, based on Linux) on a usb stick. Try it on your devices (insert then boot; it'll use the hardware, but the OS will only run on the usb leaving no trace on the device). If your hardware is okay, the OS will run fine; the on-board browser is TOR. I'd recommend further research into security (the forums at AIRvpn.org are a goldmine of info), and consider moving to Linux based OS for all your devices.

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it is logical not nightmare, its stupid at the end because more they do that more i will open my mouth


and tails os won't work i already tried to download and they cutted off my connection ^^


and when i was working after several attempts with my adsl or seedbox.... the iso was corrupted of course ^^


if they can't control what you do they destroy it



it's why i bought a iron key a yubikey a thermal flir to proof the overheat of all my devices, tried to buy a gigahertz solution lf et hf detector to find out if there was a kind of tranceiver inside my devices, and even a mission darkness case for my phone and yshield hng100 to reduce the transmission but they are close to me so....... it doesnt work


even my blackberry motion with dtekt and kaspersky can't help because the problem was already inside



i buy they intercept they modificate or insert a firmware rootkit on all my devices (usb cable, micro sd sandisk, smartphone and even my electrical device: quickcharge 3;0 are overheating too...)


tried to contact sandisk; kaspersky , blackberry even apple on the official forum..... but they dont want to help


in fact you hack everything if you have physicall access.......



so BUY not from internet and not from your country, its the best way but it won't work if they ask to other countries to do the same on you


so now


i have to proof my innocence myself , to put online where i go, what i do, my id card, social number, bank account....


and they won't like it...............



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so now i know everything possible to buy to secure my devices


esd cryptophone for protection from the ss7 attack, and silent sms , remote battery draining......i tried to buy one 3500 usd but i receive no answer from esd germany...


there is the privoro too if i buy a iphone to protect against tracking if there is a stealth malware (i already had a iphone 4 before and same problem, its like the badbios, a kind of skygofree same stuff like hackingteam, gammagroup.....nationstate malware


or vysk but its old


all kind of zrtp secure communication system


rfid ncf wifi lte blocking (shielding : silent pocket, mission darkness, yshield, swissshield....passiv faradaycage


all kind of military grade stuff (aegis, ironkey....) dual factor authentification but NO WIRELESS no nfc....

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now i will take pictures and movies of everywhere and everybody (hostile) that i can find in the street, i have the electronic harassment and human beging harassment

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tails os linux distro mac os android ios


you can hack everything


and if you put a uefi rootkit hypervisor smm rootkit already inside


you can't win

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the easy harassment is :


unlimited fake captcha, ads injection, vpn throtlling, corrupted downloads, full of crazy javascript, sessions hijacking, http proxy in webbrowser, usb 3.0 port at very low speed, usb port deactivated.......  html pages with text modificated, 


they will use everything they think they know about your against you to force you to click (email, spam, sms...) and play with you with your keyboard...


put Mrs instead or Mr on sign up form.......


i will put online then buy out of my country (it is not truly my country, i'm a orphan so i don't really know where i come from ) and i come from Europe and i'm not white......

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i do not seek help


i'm just showing what i' m facing electronically


its why i airvpn should be the best solution 


shadowsock vpn tor........ but without a contaminated device........

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This is proper heavy salad la. Infact, ordering a salad sounds like a mission impossible for you, so lay off the Ocado and you'll be alright lid. No one will ever know what you are eating and ya know what that means, is right la, feckin Zero calories. Just one parting word of advice, YNWA.

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