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AirVPN DNS - Eddie - Constantly Resolving Host under Chrome

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When I have the VPN active using Eddie, my DNS queries randomly come to a crawl. In Chrome I see "Resolving host" a lot. Sometimes takes 10 seconds or more to return. I disconnect the VPN, shutdown Eddie and everything is back to running fine.


Even through I am running the latest Eddie and the latest Windows 10 version, I tried setting the metric cost in the various adapters, per the sticky in this forum. Set the normal ethernet adaptor to 25 and a virtual box adaptor to 35. Both for ipv4 and ipv6. Eddie set's it's TAP adaptor to 3 for both protocols. None of that helped. I'm at a loss. Thoughts/ideas?


System info:


Windows 10 Pro, version 1803

Eddie, version 2.15.2



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Re-installed windows (had a large drive I had been meaning to use anyways). Seems to have fixed the issue. Thread can be closed.


New day, back to the same DNS problems on this fresh install of Windows 10. Late last night everything was working fine after the windows re-install. Get up this morning, turn on PC, connect to VPN and problem is back. When VPN is connected Firefox constantly says "Looking up ..." DNS. Also, ipleak.net says multiple errors in the DNS test. I disconnect the VPN and shut down Eddie and everything is fast like it should be. Any ideas? VPN is pretty much unusable for browsing at this point.

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I ran Wireshark while connected to the VPN and hitting ipleak.net. I see many DNS time outs to the VPN adapter. See below screen shot. Running Wireshark without the VPN doesn't have this issue. Any ideas?




Note: I got the Wireshark DNS failure filter from the following page: https://osqa-ask.wireshark.org/questions/18487/filter-dns-queries-without-matched-responses

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