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Ricochet - another encrypted messaging application

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I was reading another thread on airvpn forums [signal as a replacement for whatsapp skype etc.- https://airvpn.org/topic/26397-signal-as-a-replacement-for-whatsapp-skype-etc/] and remembered I saw a discussion on another forum discussing free speech, journalism, and so on, about another messaging system: richochet: https://ricochet.im/.

I've seen some news organizations suggesting its use (along with signal) if people want to tip them off.

I am a novice in this, so would be keen to hear what other, more experienced and knowledgeable folks think.

Thanks for reading and your replies.



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Posted ... (edited)

what i like about ricochet is the fact it can use tor alpha 3 torrc on arch. meaning you can set your torrc say you want to chroot it also, to strictmode,

avoid any servers that have been known to inject anything, i chatted with a couple of folks on ricochet on hope they move it forward with

next gen onion, so for example right now i have it running, i got tor alpha from the AUR, got ricochet, themed it, tor runs in chroot via arch linux

wiki instructions, again, this is all layers, the local repo chat laptop is basically stand alone, meaning it's not doin anything else

and behind airvpn stunnel openvpn, that's basically just my tor box, it hosts my tokzco onion site version 3 and my local arch repo


i don't browse tor sites on that box or much of anything else, it's a lazy way of compartmentalization also


qubes and whonix etc are all cool and all but yeah i'm not into the work load of switching everything over

and straight up, i don't trust the tor browser version at all

reason is you look through it it is serious bloat shit and call out to google etc and mozilla big time


the browser is the most targeted app and why i don't like to load anything up to chat through it either online


irc in general has become shit, almost every chat url you can find online via clearnet search engines is all shit links


to sicko shit, imho a deliberate campaign, there is more sick shit on facebook just by sheer volume


there are family friendly spots on the onion and decent places to chat


clearnet and often tor 'search engines' don't do much to help


reason is this, it's about ad revenue, about money, google and everyone else wants us to think that if we


all of a sudden get 'anon' that we lose our minds and load up negative content or get into bad stuff


it's psychological warfare 101 and they do it well


i'm more or less 'squeamish' there is a lot of stuff on youtube i can't handle today


anyway my point is, ricochet is a solid so far to me because it does nothing else


you check it on github you will see a lot of folks involved with it in the issues tab


that's a good sign


i sent staff an apology, goin back through fixing some posts


long story short, my family got involved in hijacking my inheritance


and the banks knew, law enforcement has also been involved in covering


some things up, mail intercepts and forging courthouse legal docs


i'm not making this shit up, wish i were, i'm sick to my gut


me, i just wrapped up a decade of probation for getting stupid, shitfaced,


went for a joy ride in a truck and yeah, so not cool there


so last thing i want is any correspondence or attention from law enforcement


or any courthouse, goin on 50, i just want left alone


more than that, my 'family' absolutely had no reason to go behind my back


plan anything out ahead to get money, if they had wanted it all or just had


talked straight up to me, i'd most likely have agreed to whatever they want


simply to just be left alone, coz my dad was not a good man, at all


so yeah, i have been under some mental strain, real world heavy surveillance


i'm naive in a lot of ways, i believe in the good of people


tor, privacy, openvpn, i'm just like anyone else,


i don't think about it much till i don't have it


airvpn has been good to me, better than i deserve, i can't buy that or even earn that

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Wickr messenger is another good encrypted app. Ricochet is an interesting concept as well and worth keeping an eye on. 

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All is true , interesting ,but the latest client is from 2016. Perhaps it doesn't need improvements... .

Another chat environment is "wire" . With wire you do not need to give your telephone number.

I use signal and works oke .Only there is no video chat if you use the desktop client.



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