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Heya, since recently it has become impossible to use the prime video service through a VPN service I look for another way to still access it (here in Europe). I am running pfsense on my router that is set up pretty much according to the guide that can be found here in the forum. The idea is to create an alias with all the IPs of the server hosting the prime video service and use a firewall rule to pass the traffic directly to the WAN interface and not through the VPN tunnel.

The IP ranges of the Amazon webservices can be found here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/aws-ip-ranges.html

But how to determine which of them is actually used for the prime service here in germany? To put ALL the IPs of the AWS into an alias is for sure not a good idea.

Maybe someone has done some testing already?

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i'd love to know as well as i attempted this briefly but gave up pretty quick.


i ended up changing the gateway used for my TV to the wan.    all other device work through the AIRVPN.


love pfsense devices! 

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I'm using the Smart DNS service from Unotelly.


I guess referral links aren't encouraged, pfsense routes via the WAN with aliases to ensure the appropriate local IP addresses get the alternate DNS.

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Selecting devices that use the Vpn in the router configuration is quite easy using Policy Based Routing.

But we all have devices that do multiple things. We want them to access the BBC I players and other Netflix but still be protected by the Vpn for other apps.

Split tunneling is more complex to set up. I haven't found any workable solution yet.

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