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Eddie stops running and dissapears

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I currently running version 2.13.6 on Ubuntu Mate 16.04 in a Virtual Box machine on Windows 7 host.

Ive been running this setup for a year or so with no real issues, but today I have experienced a very strange situation.

As usual I connect to a USA server and have Network Lock activated at startup, I start my downloading, lock my machine and walk away for a while.

Today when I came back after about an hour my Eddie client was not running at all, nor was the network lock active as I could still browse the web. Its as if I never started the Eddie client at all.

I have experienced this only once before around 6 months ago but thought nothing of it.

I have had Eddie crash in the past but the Network Lock would remain active and would require me to reboot the Virtual Machine and restart the Eddie client which would then take back control of the IPTables.

Anyone else have this issue?



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Never had such an issue and it's quite strange that you could browse the web without an active OpenVPN connection I assume (did you check your ip?). To my understanding, if Eddie crashes with the Network Lock active the iptables rules will not be reset as crashing prevents Eddie from performing its usual exit routine. So your case could be only explained by Eddie exiting gracefully. It's GNU/Linux, so no automatic reboots either. Are you 100% sure Network Lock was activated?

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