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Network Lock Windows Filtering Platform vs Windows Firewall

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For a long time, I have been using the Network Lock in Windows Firewall mode. I read this guide from 2014 about the lock modes.


Recently I updated the AirVPN client, and when I went to select the Network Lock mode, it notes that Windows Firewall is "(Not Recommended)". The other option is Windows Filtering Platform.

Reading other websites, I see that the Windows Filtering Platform is an API by Microsoft that can help adjust filtering. I'm not a very technical person, but I get the gist.


In the past when disengaging the Network Lock, in Windows Firewall mode, sometimes it would not properly replace my old firewall policies. I keep regular backups of them, so I usually just re-import them if there is an issue. Normally, I block a program with Windows Firewall rules from communicating over my normal connection... I plan when AirVPN network lock is active, the rule is removed, and it can communicate over the VPN. This has seemed to work for me to prevent the program from communicating if it is accidentally launched when AirVPN is not active -- though I see the problem if AirVPN accidentally shuts down and wipes firewall rules, it would communicate again...


I am wondering with the Windows Filtering Platform, if my Windows Firewall rules are left intact, how should I go about managing this situation? Can I limit the program from communicating over my normal connection, but allow it to communicate over the VPN? How would I set this up in Windows Firewall?

Again, I am not very technical and I have not used the Windows Filtering Platform option yet, so I am assuming this is the question I should have regarding the setup?...


Or perhaps my question should be: What can I do to block a program from communicating over a non AirVPN connection, but allow it to communicate over the VPN, with Windows Filtering Platform as the network lock mode?

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