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DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox and Air

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This seems interesting.  Naturally I know that by using Air i am happy with the DNS that that they provide.  However as a Firefox user it can't hurt to have running on top as a https resolver for my browser only.  Any issues of trust/leaking/logging etc with will just pass back to Air.  Thoughts?



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I see what your thinking about here but bear in mind that Firefox has made a deal with Cloudfare ( to limit (not stop) data logging and retention. So yet again we put our trust in a third party not to abuse our browsing data. That should tell you a lot right there.

Security through obscurity is well intentioned but in my experience it's also easy to track those user's just as it is those who don't go to extravagant efforts to protect their privacy. There's WebRTC, WebGL, HTML5 fingerprinting, OS/Canvas fingerprinting, cookie data, Google and more that we have to guard against giving away in our web browsers. There's nothing wrong with wanting extra layers of security and privacy but be aware, educate yourself on whom you choose to handle your data.

The important part is that we become aware of data collection and retention and continue to find ways to protect our data privacy. The easiest and least expensive way imho is to purchase a vpn, which you've done, so your already protecting your data. A vpn isn't the cure all or savior to all our privacy wants and needs but it sure is a good start.


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