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ANSWERED DD-WRT cofig question re server entry-IP address and speed

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Hey all,


I just set up my TP-link Archer C7 with DD-WRT, and my download speeds went from (no VPN) 25 Mbs to just over 2Mbs.


I know I take some performance hit when going through VPN, but this is too much, unfortunately.


One thing I didnt understand in the setup process that might be affecting it is "server entry-IP address".


Am I "locked into" whatver server I chose when I set up the router?


It seems like I am, because the server I chose at the time of config was "best" according to the "Status" page, but no longer is, yet *my* status still says I am still connected to the one I chose the IP of.


I can provide more info if needed, but am not at this point b\c I feel like I kinda alreday know the answer, and will be going back to Eddie and stock firmware on my router....hoping against hope that the router can be set up to be faster than using Eddie.


Thanks in advance.

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TP-link Archer C7 can provide a maximum of ~4Mbps with OpenVPN AES-256.

This is under best network conditions, due to the CPU max cap.


It's actually much slower than a  Raspberry Pi B in some benchmarks, which is surprising,

since they were both released at about the same time (2014) while the C7 was supposed

to be a powerful device at that time.





Don't count on anything from TP-Link (Qualcomm QCA9xxx) for good OpenVPN speeds.

For your 25 Mbps (200Mbit) you will need an x86_64 CPU with AES-NI capability.

Most power users build a special device for it (based on pfSense, etc).


hope that the router can be set up to be faster than using Eddie


This is almost never going to be possible, unless you have a very powerful router and a very old desktop CPU for the client.

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Thanks for your speedy response.


I appreciate the extra details, tioo, though the answer wasn't what I was hoping for.


Im not a power user, by any means, but I think I am going to need to become one.


Thanks again.

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