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Can you get multicast discovery to cross subnets ?

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I have devices on different subnets ( 192.168.15.x, 192.168.35.x ) and would like for them to be able to discover each other. Specifically I want them so see each others minecraft (bedrock/pocket) worlds.


the 15.x network is the "privileged" home network, where as the 35.x network is intended as guest-wifi network with no internet access ( also vpn clients would be given a IP here )


currently they cannot see each other - if I add a route with 192.168.15.x to the vpn config then vpn clients can access webservers in this subnet but minecraft clients still can't see each other.


My router is a N66 running tomatoUSB and both subnets are entirely controlled by it.




Is this even possible? 

If so - how?


Any help would be appreciated I currently do not know enough to even successfully google for marginally useful information


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sometimes it just helps asking the question out loud it seems.


Advanced > Firewall - has two options for multicast IGMPproxy and Udpxy


I think the first one should work, I'll update this post once I've had a change to test

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for IGMPproxy to work I would need to know the broadcast address and port :<


Really wish I could just bleed for between subnets 

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