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I installed ubuntu 17.10.

Eddie does not work anymore with the new Wayland display server.
I have to change on Xorg.

An Eddie client update is required to work with the new Wayland display server. The Xorg option is temporary because Ubuntu (canonical) has definitlety adopted Wayland since 17.10



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1. Create a new config file

2. sudo apt install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

3. import config file


Optional: there is also a VPN indicator extension for the gnome shell to see if VPN is up.

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Previous workaround solution "dns=none"  provided by "Staff" works on pre 17.10 very well but no longer work on 17.10.




For my environment



1. sudo apt install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

2. import config file

3.sudo nmcli connection modify myVPNprofileName ipv4.dns-priority -42   <-----------------


*myVPNprofileName is the name you've given to your VPN connection at Network Manager and the "-42" is not " - 42" ( no space inbetween ).


** at the end of the password field of Network Manager you need to click on human icon and pick "save for all users or something.."  . Otherwise you'll need to provide the password each time you dial VPN. This workaround is from GITHUB.


I dumped Wayland+NetworkManager+UFW and I'm on Eddie now.

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