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Hats off to AirVPN - Great speeds

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Hi everybody,

I've been with AirVPN now for several years and always have been a very satisfied customer.

I've changed form a 100/6 cable line to a 200/12 a few days ago.

I'm using Eddie 2.13.6 beta right now (with the default 9.21 tap driver on a Windows 10/64 pc) and I get great speeds on many servers.

Here as an example Turais:


For me AirVPN is best vpn-provider you can get!


Keep it up and all the best



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Can you do me a favor and test your speed on Achird?

Do you use windows?

I have the same connection as you have and got troubles on some servers.

I am sure that this has to do with my client config but I am not able to figure out why.

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Of course, hugomueller.

Yes, I use Win 10 64bit.


Same here. Achird is a slow server for me too:


Compared to Baiten, another Suisse server at the same time:




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Hi kiwi, quite coincidence - as a basic user (who uses mostly czech airVPN servers) I noticed there quite nice change of performance recently (=cca 10days ago). Now the czech servers are much more reliable and without lost packets (=can watch HD live streams without interruption), also speeds are great (=now can max 100mbit line). Cca 2 weeks ago all four czech servers (=incl. Turais) were around 20mbit and quite unreliable (=I even had to switch to another backup VPN provider to be able to watch streams).

Lets knock on wood that it stays great there in airVPN czech servers area in the future too:-)

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Thanks for your reply, vac922884!


Would be interesting to know, why the servers were so slow at that time.


Nice weekend!

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Win 10 64bit - 1709 16299.15

Two tests on DSLReports with servers, Eddie automatically connected to.






Could it be any better? 

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